SGS United Kingdom Ltd

SGS is one of the world's leading testing, inspection, certification and verification company with unparalleled knowledge, a wide range of expertise and a global reach.

Recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity , the company employs over 70,000 people and operates a network of more than 1,250 offices and laboratories around the world.

Oil and Gas Services: Let SGS fuel the success of your business.

Whether a client is involved in exploring, extracting, refining, transporting or marketing oil, gas, oil sands or other hydrocarbons, SGS offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimise the business. With the recent volatility and record-breaking prices for these resources, it is vital to ensure optimisation and  efficiency of processes.

In support of upstream exploration, the company offers a variety of services to be used either independently or as a package to augment existing processes.  In applied mineralogy, the company can be trusted to carry out advanced reservoir quality services, shale gas mineralogy and XRD analysis. 

Because core is so valuable, it is essential to ensure all equipment that meters, measures or allocates extracted hydrocarbons is in optimal working condition and provides accurate information.  SGS UK Ltd can help with logging and calibration services, emissions measurements and metering consultancy services to ensure the highest level of measurement accuracy.

Also in support of upstream activities, the company offers reservoir and production fluids analysis, sample management, distribution and unconventional  resources services, such as the analysis of coal bed methane, and well-testing services.

For the downstream sector, there is support with distribution and retail, including calibration services, facility audits, leak detection and maintenance. As the field of oil and gas logistics is complex, the company employs a large global team of experts to help get products where they need to be: safely, securely and in compliance with national and international standards.

SGS UK Ltd can assist in design and execution of blending, additive use and other optimisation processes, onshore,offshore and in transit. 

Trade inspection services provide world class measurement and analytical services.


SGS House,
Wellheads Drive,
Wellheads Industrial Estate,
AB21 7GQ

      Telephone: +44 1224 793602

Fax: +44 1224 729927



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