Whittaker Engineering (Stonehaven) Ltd

Whittaker Engineering (Stonehaven) Ltd. was founded in 1983 by Ken and Janet Whittaker.  Through the intervening years, the company has rapidly developed into a respected and reliable contributor in the North Sea oil industry.

Based south of Aberdeen, Scotland, Whittaker is very much a people orientated company, one which prides itself in the skills of its people.  We have trained our own apprentices from the outset and invested in the existing skills of trained men and women to ensure we make full use of everybody's strengths and potential.

The company's primary goal is to have a skilled and fulfilled workforce with a broad range of trusting customers. We believe that economic success will follow as a result.

Engineering Design - Successful engineering design is all about applying the right idea in the right context.  By offering both design and manufacturing facilities, we work and think as a team to deliver solutions that are designed specifically for the environment in which they will be applied.  It's a judgement thing.  Our aim is to neither over or under design.  Our goal is to ensure that the build tolerance of a mechanism is appropriate to its task, and that it is both easy to manufacture and maintain.  We apply FEA techniques in-house on a routine basis.

Welding & Fabrication - We specialise in fabrications that could be described as awkward, unusual or interesting!  Projects that are a blend of mechanical and structural work.  Projects which demand our breadth of welding expertise working with materials such as carbon steels, stainless steels and aluminium.  Projects where our extensive fabrication experience in the control of distortion and the machining of fabrications will add real value - whether the work is completed within our workshop, offshore or abroad.

Machining - We value teamwork.  We do not compartmentalise. Reflecting on this, our machine shop is set up to compliment our fabrication shop - and vice versa.  The result is one of continuous process which builds on the advantages of this proximity.  In addition, heavy capital investment ensures we have access to a wide variety of modern CNC 3, 4, and 5 axis machine tools.  It is a combination which enables us to produce high quality machined components in steel, aluminium, plastics and titanium.

Underwater Drilling - We have a range of underwater drilling machines available for hire.  Our standard drilling tools can be modified to suit any particular drilling situation or requirement from pipelines and offshore structures through to sunken wrecks.  We provide solutions for use in deep or shallow water, either ROV or diver controlled.

FPSO Turret Systems - We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of FPSO turret tuning systems.  We are one of the few specialists in this area; our solutions are the result of an evaluation in design from existing systems.  From the original concept through to offshore maintenance, our designs are engineered to fit the on-board working practices and procedures - delivering a tough, reliable and cost effective solution.

Personnel - We provide skilled personnel covering a range of work: home, offshore and abroad.  Our people are highly trained, bringing excellent skill sets and independent thinking to bear on every project.  The structural fabrications we produce onshore are frequently accompanied by our workshop personnel to final assembly and installation.  We can also provide skilled machinists for remedial or site machining.  We operate our own in-house apprentice system.  Our strength is our collective experience and a willingness to try new approaches.  Once we've recruited the best, we continue to train our people for the length of their careers with us.  From apprentices who join us straight from school to seasoned professionals with years of experience and research scientists with PhD's, everyone at Whittaker is learning all the time, through a structured programme of continual improvement.  


Upper Hindwells
AB39 3UT

Telephone: +44 1569 762018


Email: stuart@whittakereng.com

Web: www.whittakereng.com

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